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Japan has a rainy season in June and July; gloomy and humid weather lasts for several weeks until sizzling hot summer comes. During the summer time, Japanese people enjoy eating cold noodles such as zaru soba and zaru udon but sushi and sashimi (sliced row fish) remain popular as well. Having fresh foods like sushi in hot summer may cause some people to worry about food poisoning, but it's safe, actually. We always eat any perishable food with no preservatives right after the food has been served.

Okay, are you interested in learning Japanese words for food poisoning?

shoku-chu(u)-doku (or syoku-...)


shoku-atari (or syoku...)


I believe these two are easy to pronounce. Just try to articulate each vowel. It's always helpful to divide the word like "sho-ku-chuu-do-ku." Or, this may help: "shok-choo-doc"

* The vowel sound of "chu" is longer than the other vowels, like "choo" in choose


Here's a useful expression:

Shoku-chuu-doku ga shin-pai-desu.
食中毒が心配です。 (I'm worried about food poisoning.)

Doushimashitaka? (Pronunciation: "doh-shi-mah-shi-tah-kah")
(What's the matter?)

Shoku-chuu-doku dato omoimasu.
(I think I've got food poisoning.)

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