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It's wrong to eat at a nice restaurant and run away, leaving an unpaid bill. But you might be curious about how to express this situation in Japanese. Okay, here's a common phrase for "run away without paying one's bill":


* This is a noun phrase.


to run away without paying one's bill


Pronounce two vowels clearly, like "koo-ee" at first, and then make the vowels shorter. Note that "ni" in "nige" should sound like "ni" in ninja, and "ge" in Geisya (no "i" sound in "ge")

Dividing the phrase into four parts may help you to pronounce the phrase correctly: "Ku-i-ni-ge"


You can use this phrase in a negative sentense. I'll give you an example:

Kui-nige suruna!
(Don't run away without paying.)

* "Kui-nige" literally means "eat and run away."

"Suruna" means "don't do (it)."

This phrase can be sarcastically used among close friends, but be careful not to hurt the feelings of others.

* Remember to pay your bill, or you will get into trouble.

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