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I'm not talking about a popular TV show called Angel here, and it's nothing to do with Buffy. A good Japanese word for the English word "angel" would be:



an angel


There are two vowels in the word: "e" and "i."

The sound "ten" is very close to that of the English word ten, and "shi" is close to the "shi" part in shingle.

When you pronouce this word, see the word as "ten-shi." ("Ten" here means "heaven," by the way.)


Here's a useful expression:

tenshi no youna emi
(an angelic smile)

Well, "youna"(like; -ic) may be hard to pronounce. Divide it into two (or three): "yoh-na" (or "yo-u-na"), and pronounce each vowel clearly. Then, "emi" sounds like emi as in Emily. "Emi" is a noun meaning smile.

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