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I'm So Embarrassed!

One of my friends who is a scientist with a Ph.D. told me that he once misspelled the word "experiment" and wrote "excrement" in an e-mail to his boss. He said he was so embarrassed.

Even a smart person like him makes a mistake, so I try not to feel so embarrassed when making a spelling error. Good excuse, right?

Today's expression is:



I'm so embarrassed!


"Ha" is pronounced like "ha" as in harbor, "zu" as in zoo, "ka" as in kaiser, and "shii" as in sheet. The vowel sound in "zu" is actually shorter than that of zoo." Also, note that the last vowel "shii" is a long vowel (shi + i), creating the "ee" sound.

Combine all the syllables and say the phrase smoothly. It can be read like "hah-zoo-kah-shee," but "haz-kah-shee" may work as well.


This "hazukashii" also means "to feel ashamed." For Example,

Kanojo wa hazukashii omoi wo shita.
(She felt ashamed of herself.)

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