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Most Japanese comedies are simply loud and stupid, even though there are some intelligent, witty comedians like Beat Takeshi. Many of the Japanese comedians tend to go big, and it's not funny at all. Some are just shouting gibberish on TV. It's lame. If you have seen the movie "Lost In Translation," you may understand what I'm talking about. Some comedians need to shut their mouths.

Okay, here's a word for shut up:



Shut up!


This word has three syllables "da-ma-re," and "da" is pronounced like "da" as in darn, "ma" as in Mars, and "re" as in ready. Once you learn how to pronounce each syllable, combine all of the three syllables and read the word aloud several times.


This phrase "Damare!" has a harsh tone, and therefore you should avoid using it when you want to be polite or when you are taking to a talking to a person senior to you.

Here's a usage example.

Damare konoyaroh!
だまれ このやろう!
黙れ この野郎!
(Shut up! You bastard!)

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