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When you are having a meal at a Japanese restaurant or at your Japanese friend's house, you may want to say, "May I have more...?" or "Can I have a refill of...?" in Japanese. In that case you can use the following word:



a second helping; a refill


This word is made up of four syllables: "o-ka-wa-ri." All vowels should be equally articulated. Try to say, "oh-kah-wah-ree" at first. The first vowel "o" should be short. The second and third vowels sould have the same sound. Westerners tend to put a stress on "wa," but it may sound strange to Japanese people. When you pronounce the last "ree," don't roll your tongue or stick your lips out. Its sound is actually somewhere between "R" and "L." That is, "lee" instead of "ree," may work better.


Suppose you've finished eating, but you still want more food (or drink). In this situation, you can say:


If you ask for a second helping politely, say this instead:

Okawari wo kudasai.

Here are some usasge examples:

Misoshiru no okawari wo kudasai.
(May I have more miso soup?)

misoshiru(味噌汁)= miso soup

okawari jiyuu
(free refills)

jiyuu(自由)= free

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