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In Japan, trains have been among the most important means of commutation in both urban and suburban areas for decades. While people benefit from Japan's advanced train system in many ways, they often complain that cars get too crowded, especially during the rush hours in the morning.

As a matter of fact, when you are riding on a crowded train, lots of gross things can happen in there. Sometimes, being on a sushi-packed train is just horrible.

For example, I took a train the other day and had an excruciating experience. The train wasn't too crowded, but it was really hot inside. Inevitably, some people were giving off a bad smell. (Sorry if you are eating right now!) Imagine that you are cooped up in an airtight train with poor ventilation and have to put up with BO. I'm telling you. It's like hell.

Okay, today's word is BO (body odor).

taishuu (or taishu)


BO (body ordor)


To pronounce the word "taishuu," say "tie shoe" quickly. Don't put a stress on either word. Connect the words and pronounce the word smoothly.


Here are some usage examples:

Kare no taishuu wa hidoi.
(His BO is horrible.)

kare no(彼の)= his
hidoi(酷い)= horrible

Omae, sono taishuu wo dounika shiroyo. (very offensive)
(Dude, you gotta do something with your BO.)

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