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+ Uncool; Countrified; Unfashionable +

When I was studying in college in the United States, people often asked me what kind of music I listened to. They seemed very curious about my taste of music, since I was one of few international students from Japan and the only Japanese in the School of Music, where I majored in guitar.

One day when I was having lunch with some of my classmates at the cafeteria, I told them I liked country music and that I was a big fan of George Strait. Then, they looked me funny and were like, "Are you serious?" Obviously, they thought country music was so uncool.

I think country music is a form of art. Lyrics are profound and melodies are mellifluous. Singers are masterly and musicians are incredible. Listen to Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland, Tony Rice, Bryan Sutton, or John Jorgenson. Their guitar playing will make your jaw drop for 7 minutes. I mean, they are the best of the best. Country music may be uncool to some people, but musicians' skills are extremely high. Besides, I really like the twangy vocal sound of country music. Maybe I'm a redneck inside?

Anyway, the word you are going to learn is:

ださい (written in hiragana)
ダサイ (written in katakana)


uncool; countrified; unfashionable


This word has three syllables: "da-sa-i."

Here's a pronunciation tip: First, say "dah sigh." Then, speed up a little. "Dah sigh, dah sigh, dahsigh, dahsigh, ..." Then, make the "dah" sound very short. Now you should sound like you are saying "dasai."


The word "dasai" can be used in different ways.

Kare [Omae] wa dasai yatsuda. (informal/offensive)
(He is [You are] a dork/geek.)

kare(彼)= he
omae(お前)= you

dasai fuku
ださいふく (ダサイふく)
(frumpy dress)

dasai dezain
ださいでざいん (ダサイデザイン)
(un-hip design)

Kore wa dasai.
(This is unfashionable.)
* You can use this phrase when looking at clothes, shoes, or whatever you wouldn't buy at a store.

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