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You can watch a movie at a movie theater for $5 to $10 in the U.S., but in Japan, you have to pay more than 1,500 yen (about $15 USD). So, I usually wait for a movie to become available on DVD, and then rent or buy it.

Some of you may want to order DVD's from Japan, but be careful! Japan's region code is different from America's. That is, you need a DVD player that can play DVD's with region code 2.

Okay, here is the word you will learn today:



a movie [film]


The "ei" part sounds like "ai" in aid, and "ga" sounds similar to "gu" in gun. One way to practice is to say "aid gun" fast, and then omit "d" and "n" sounds. Get it?

*Strictly speaking, the "g" sound is more like "(n)g" of "-ing."


Here are expressions you may want to know:

eiga wo miru
(to see a movie)

Eiga (wo) mini ikanai? (informal/casual)
(Do you wanna go to the movies? / Do you wanna go see a movie?)

*Note: As to the meaning of "Eiga wo mini ikanai," note that it also means "I don't go to the movies." It may sound confusing, but the meaning of this sentence changes, depending on how you pronounce it. If you put "?" at the end of the sentence and read it like an English interrogative sentence (higher pitch at the end of a sentence), it means "Do you wanna go see a movie?" You can omit "wo" for this meaning. This expression is informal, but commonly used among friends.

Eiga wo mini ikimasenka? (formal/polite)
(Would you like to go to the movies? / Would you like to go see a movie?)

Donna eiga ga sukidesuka?
(What kind of movies do you like?)

Comedy [horror/romance/action] eiga ga sukidesu.
(I like comedies/horror/romance/action movies.)

*Most Japanese people can understand the words "comedy," "horror," "romance," and "action."

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