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I'm not talking about the TV sitcom Friends, though this TV show has long been popular in Japan. This time, I want you to learn how to say friend in japanese.



a friend [friends]


First, you should try to pronounce "tomodachi" by yourself. How many syllables in this word? Four, right? It's "to-mo-da-chi." The word sould be pronounced this way: "toh-moh-dah-chee." Then, make the vowel sounds short.

You should always try to divide a Japanese word written in romaji into syllables. Then you will see that all syllables end with a vowel, except the syllables whose last letter is "n."

Also, note that Japanese has only five vowel sounds, while most of the languages in the world have more than five. For this reason, pronouncing a Japanese word shouldn't be too hard. Just make sure you learn the five vowel sounds of Japanese.


You may be curious about how to make this word singular or plural. But you don't need to worry. "Tomodachi" alone can be either singular or plural. In fact, you must not put "s" or anything! It's easy, isn't it? This is true of almost all Japanese nouns.

Here are some useful expressions:

watashi [anata, kare, kanojyo] no tomodachi
(my [your, his, her] friend(s))

shinyuu (or shinyu)
((one's) best friend; confidant)

akuyuu (or akuyu)
(a bad friend [companion]; bad campany)

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