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There are several ways to translate "Hurry up!" into Japanese, but I'll give you just two. Remember both are in imperative forms, and the second one has a harsher tone.

1) Hayakushite!

This expression can be used among your friends or family. Avoid using this when talking to older people, teachers, and bosses.

2) Hayakusiro!

Use this one when you order someone to hurry up. It gives him or her a bossy impression.


Hurry up!


Try to pronounce each syllable clearly, like "ha-ya-ku-shi-te." (five syllables)

I don't think this word is too hard to pronounce, but if you are an English speaker, try this: "hah-yah-koo-shee-te" The last "te" is like "te" in Tennessee.


If you are talking to older people or people senior to you, then add "-kudasai" to the first one and say, "Hayakushite-kudasai."

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