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When I was living in the United States, I heard people say, "That's not fair!" many times. Maybe too many times. Because this phrase is so popular, why not learn how to say it in Japanese?

Sorewa zuruiyo!


That's not fair!


This may be a little hard for English speakers to pronounce. Let's take a look at the first part "so-re-wa": "so" as in soy, "re" as in rev, and "wa" as in waddle.

Then, the second part "zu-ru-i-yo": "zu" as in zucchini, "ru" as in ruby (the vowel here should be short), "i" as in leave (the vowel should be short), and "yo" as in York.

I'll give you an alternative way. First, say, "zoo rue ee." Then, make the vowels short.

Finally, combine all the syllables and pronounce the phrase "Sorewa zuruiyo!" smoothly.


The meanings of "zurui(ずるい)" include dishonest, sly, cunning, crafty, slick, mean, and foul.

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