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In November 1999, Maru-chan, a teenage girl from Japan, went to Austin, Texas, the United States, and spent a month with a host family. Although Maru-chan's English was very limited, the host family liked her very much because she was amiable, polite, and thoughtful.

Maru-chan was scheduled to return to Japan at the end of November, so Jenn, the host mother, wanted to do something special for Maru-chan's first Thanksgiving Day experience in the U.S. Then, Jenn thought it would be nice if she could introduce Maru-chan to her parents in Dallas. So, the family decided to take her to the grandparents' home for Thanksgiving dinner.

At the dinner table on Thanksgiving evening, Maru-chan and the whole family prayed, and then began to eat turkey. The dinner table was filled with laughter, and every thing seemed perfect. But the one word Maru-chan said threw the whole family into an uproar. They couldn't believe what they'd just heard:

"Oh, shit!"

Maru-chan repeatedly said this word after tasting each dish, but when she noticed Jenn's furious face, she finally realized she must have said something wrong...


Well, the Japanese word "oishii," which sounds a lot like the English slang "oh shit," is the word you are going to learn this time.





Try to pronounce each vowel clearly. This word "oishii" has four syllables: "o-i-shi-i." The "oi" sounds similar to "oy" as in oyster, and the "shii" sounds like she.


Here are some useful phrases:

totemo oishii とてもおいしい
(very tasty; delicious)

oishii pan
(tasty bread)

Sushi wa totemo oisii desu.
(Sushi is delicious.)

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