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+ Pretty; Sweet; Cute +

One of the top search terms (Japanese words) is this:



pretty; sweet; cute


The pronunciation for this word can be either "ka-wa-ee" or "ka-wa-i-i," but the first one sounds more natural (and casual).

If you are English speakers, try to read the word this way: "kah-wah-ee." The first two vowel sounds have to be shorter than the last one here. The "ee" is like meet


Almost all Japanese women would love to hear this word, so if you have any Japanese friend, you may want to use this word to make her happy. There might be some devious girls who might take this word as some kind of harassment, but I think it's extremely rare.

The word "kawaii" is a very useful adjective. You can use it for flowers, animals (pets), clothes, hairsyles, accessories, names, how a person talks, and such. Note that unlike the English word "cute," the Japanese word "kawaii" is rarely used to describe men (except babies and young boys).

Usage Examples:

kawaii neko
(a cute cat)

kawaii hana
(a cute flower)

kawaii fuku
(cute clothes [dress])

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