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+ Be [Feel] Depressed +

The tragic news from London proved that no place in the world is safe today. The next target could be Tokyo. I just hope the time will come when everyone in the world can live safely. No more killing. No more war.

The phrase below can be used when you are depressed.



be [feel] depressed


First, divide the word this way: "ki-ga-o-moi." Now, "ki" as in kimono, "ga" as in gusto. Then, the vowel sound "o" here should be very short, and the "moi" part should sound "moi" as in moisture. Finally, combine all and say the word.

The "ga" sound here is as if it has a weak "n" sound at the beginning; that is, its "g" sound is similar to that of "-ing"

Note that "omoi"(重い) means heavy.


Here is another common word for depression.

yu-utsu (yuu-utsu)
(depression; gloom; despondency)

You should also learn "watashi wa," meaning I am so that you can make a complete sentence like this:

Watashi wa yu-utsu desu.
(I am [feel] depressed.)

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