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Japan is known as a safe country, since the crime rate in Japan is relatively low. However, you should be careful when you go out at night or walk around by yourself. If you get into trouble in Japan, you may want to shout this word as loudly as you can:





There are four syllables, "ta-su-ke-te." Refer to the Japanese Vowels and try to pronounce the word by yourself first.

Let's analyze one by one: "ta" as in Thai, "su" as in soon, "ke" as in Kennedy, and "te" as in tennis. Note that the second vowel "u" is very short. Pronouncing this word shouldn't be too hard. Just remember to articulate each vowel clearly.


You may also want to learn this phrase:

Watashi wo tasukete kudasai.
(Please help me.)

"Watashi-wo"(or "watashi-o") means me in this sentense, but it can be omitted. This expression is polite and very useful. You can use it at many occasions such as when you get lost, when you want to ask for help, or when you are in trouble. This phrase also means, "Please save me," because "tasukeru" means save; rescue; relieve.

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