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If you have some specific words or expressions you would like to say in Japanese, I may be able to help you. Just let me know by E-mail. (I would not translate any obscenities and profanities.)

Okay, let's move on to the lesson. This time, you will learn how to say let me know in Japanese:


Shirasete ne. (casual and commonly used among friends.)

Shirasete kudasai. (forml & polite)


([Please] Let me know.)


The sound of "shi" is close to that of she, but the vowel sound should be much shorter. Dividing the words into syllables, "shi-ra-se-te," should help you to pronounce the word well. Note that "ra" is a little closer to la than to rah. Then, "se" as in send, and "te" as in tennis. Then, combine all syllables and say the word smoothly

It may sound strange to English speakers, but most Japanese people cannot tell the difference between the "L" sound and the "R" sound of English. For examle, "led" and "red" have almost the same sound to Japanese people. (So, don't laugh when a Japanese says, "I eat lice every day" or "I rub you." since what he or she meant is "I eat rice every day" and "I love you" respectively.)

Some linguists point out that the Japanese "R" is somewhere between the English "R" and "L."

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