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Now you know the meaning of atsui, right? If you don't, please review the page for the word Hot. This time, you will learn the opposite of atsui.



cold; chilly


You know how to pronounce samurai (sa-mu-ra-i), don't you? Then, just skip the "ra" and say, "sa-mu-i." It's simple, isn't it? Don't worry about where to put a stress and such. This is Japanese, not English. What I am trying to say is, don't pronounce like "SA-mu-i," "sa-MU-i," or "sa-mu-I," or you may sound funny to Japanese people.


You may want to learn these expressions:

Kyou (Kyo) wa samui. きょうはさむい。
(It's cold today.)

Kyou (Kyo) wa totemo samui desu.
(It's very cold today.)

As you can guess, "totemo" means very. If you would like to speak politely, add "desu" to the end like the second sentense.

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