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It gets hot and humid in Japan during summer; temperature often exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. Hot weather makes me lethargic, so during the summer time I often wish I could move to a place like San Jose, where the weather is nice all year around.

Okay, this time, you will learn how to say hot in Japanese. It's very simple.





This word has tree syllables: "a-tsu-i." Note that the vowel "a" in Japanese should be pronounced like "a" in mother. The "tsu" is difficult for Westerners to pronounce, but its sound is the same as "tsu" in tsunami.


If you say "achii" instead of "atsui," then it becomes informal, to the degree of slang. Pronouce the word "a-chee."

Here's a useful expression you may want to learn:

Kyo wa atsui (Kyou wa atsui).
(It's hot today.)

Note that "kyo (kyou)" means today.

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