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This Tastes Bad!

Suppose you've just eaten something unpalatable. Then, you could say:

Kore mazui!
これ まずい!


This tastes bad!



(nasty; bad-tasting; not very nice)


"Ko" should sound like "co" in cope (with a shorter vowel sound), and "re," as in ready.

"Mazui" sounds similar to "Matsui," the name of a baseball star from Japan. You make "zu" sound instead of "tsu."

I know many English speakers have trouble pronouncing "tsu," since my last name includes "tsu" and few Americans pronounced my name correctly while I was in the United States. Think of the word tsunami. "Tsu" has just one syllable.


It's not very nice to say this in front of a chef or whoever cooked the meal.

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